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Laboratorio di Computazione Naturale

  • Sede: Universit√† di Salerno
  • Descrizione: The research activity focuses on handwriting analysis and processing from two complementary perspectives. From a scientific point of view, we adopt a computational neuroscience approach to model the neural processes involved in handwriting learning and execution. From a technical point of view, we develop solutions for handwriting analysis and recognition, forensic handwriting examination, historical handwritten document indexing and retrieval and early diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases by using artificial neural network and evolutionary algorithms for their implementation.
  • Indirizzo: Via Giovanni Paolo II, 132
  • Riferimento: Marcelli Angelo
  • Sito web:
  • Keywords: - Learning - Machine Learning - Evolutionary Computation and Genetic Algorithms - Pattern Recognition - Text processing - Handwriting analysis - Document and Text processing
  • Membri (Soci CVPL): 1