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Visual Geometry and Modelling (VGM) Lab

  • Sede: Italian Institute of Technology
  • Descrizione: The Visual Geometry and Modelling (VGM) Lab mission is to provide computational tools for the large-scale understanding of data, this being sensed at the nano and up to the macro scale level. With a privileged focus on image and video data, the main lab goal is to research and apply methods to boost advances of life scientists and engineers in untangling and modelling the (big) data as provided by modern sensors (e.g. high-resolution cameras, time-lapse microscopy, 3D scanners). The scientific core of the lab is related to the research fields of Computer Vision, Signal Processing and Numerical Optimization with the primary goal to provide algorithms for: - Reality Capture: 3D reconstruction from images, sound and range data. - Dynamic scene understanding from sensor networks (video and audio) - Large scale data clustering and modelling for Life Science and Engineering These expertise are applied to several practical problems in industry with ongoing collaboration with world-leader companies in machine vision, automation, avionics and photonics.
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